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About Us

As Singapore’s national academy for Engineering, SAEng brings together the country’s most eminent engineers from all sectors to promote excellence in the practice of engineering

We have chosen our strategic priorities of celebrating engineering excellence, to inspire the next generation of engineers, and to lead discussion by guiding informed thinking on engineering related public policies.

One of the mandates of the Academy is to serve as a think tank or forum to deliberate on national agenda and hot button issues related to the engineering profession.

Leveraging the experience and expertise of its fellow members, the Academy steers initiatives in areas of strategic importance to the Republic, contributing to the nation’s quest to meet the challenges of the new millennium and to build a vibrant engineering community in Singapore.

The SAEng logo reflects the Academy’s standing as a reputable and esteemed institution, committed to advancing excellence in all aspects of engineering and engineering technology education.

The abstract initial letters “E” and “S” represent engineering in Singapore, while the vibrant red swirls signify the resolve and passion in providing thought leadership in charting new pathways to engineering and scientific development, promoting engineering education and excellence to advance the human condition.

The iconic logo mark symbolises cooperation and dynamism which the Academy of Engineering encapsulates in its progress of enriching the engineering field in Singapore.

The Constitution is the back bone of the Academy of Engineering. It is a document of all we believe in that compels the advancement and consists of the foundation that shapes our endeavour in Singapore’s engineering industry.

To find out more about the Academy of Engineering’s Constitution in detail. Click Here