6th Annual General Meeting

The Academy of Engineering, Singapore held its sixth Annual General Meeting (AGM) in September 2016, at the Institution of Engineers, Singapore.

During the AGM, Prof Yoon Soon Fatt presented the Secretary’s report to the meeting for comments. Members noted that some of the project initiatives were completed and that a draft paper was being developed to define the role of engineers in the future and identify strategies for action for the project on study of policies and strategies to revive students’ interest in engineering.

A delegation comprising of NUS and NTU staff visited UK universities in July 2016 to gather further information and establish potential collaborations for the project on engineering doctorate programme to meet industry needs.

Academy President Cham Tao Soon requested the meeting for comments and suggestions on the projects presented in the report.

Members discussed and agreed that the Academy’s projects and activities should create a significant impact at the national level prior to participating in networking activities to connect with the international engineering academies.

Prof Brian Lee and Er. Dr Lock Kai Sang opined that engineers’ salaries should be high and competitive enough so as to attract young Singaporeans to take up the engineering profession.

Er. Lau Joo Ming suggested that the local universities should develop new courses to prepare engineering students to meet the challenges of today’s fast paced and dynamic work environment.

Prof Sam Ge Shuzi proposed forming a new expert group on “Intelligent Robotics” due to the increasing importance and activities in this area.

President Cham requested the meeting for comments on the Treasurer’s report. Fellows endorsed the Treasurer’s report without any amendment and the election of Er. Tan Ee Ping as the second Honorary Auditor for a term of 1 year. Prof Brian Lee will continue to serve as the Honorary Auditor until the end of term next year.