4th Annual General Meeting

The Academy of Engineering, Singapore (SAEng) held its fourth Annual General Meeting (AGM) in September 2014, at the Nanyang Executive Centre, Nanyang Technological University. Since the last AGM in September 2013, the Academy has continued its work and mandate to serve as a think tank to deliberate on national agenda and issues related to the engineering profession by leveraging on the experience and expertise of its fellow members.

During the AGM, the President informed that four expert groups had been established to provide expert advice on key issues currently faced by Singapore. There were also five new expert groups proposed to the formed. President reiterated that the Academy is a non-governmental organisation which receives no funding from the government and provides expert guidance on national issues and agenda pertaining to the engineering profession. He encouraged Fellows to be more forthcoming and actively participate in the Academy’s projects and activities.

The Secretary gave an update on the progress of the three projects initiated by the Academy. As part of the strategic plan, the Academy sought to engage in projects to promote engineering and energy sustainability, individual project groups have since developed two papers addressing these issues, one of which has been tabled to the Academy for consultation.

With regard to future directions, Professor Freddy Boey opined that Fellows should strive to introduce new ideas which are game changers to influence government policies on national issues pertaining to the engineering profession. Professor Chen Charng Ning suggested that the Academy could establish professional networks with other professional engineering organisations in the region by sharing engineering expertise and advice on issues related to land transportation and water resources.

Professor Chou Siaw Kiang remarked that with the growing awareness and interest on renewable energy in Singapore, the Academy’s project on renewable energy could attract interest and funding from the government in future. Fellows also suggested that the exhibits at the Science Centre Singapore should be revamped to make it more creative, interesting and practical so as to attract more young students to take up the engineering profession.

In closing, the President expressed his appreciation to Executive Committee Members and the project groups for their dedication and hard work in pursuing the Academy’s mission and objectives for the past year. The President also put on record and gave thanks to the Institution of Engineers, Singapore (IES), SAEng Fellows and donors, for their generosity and support. The Academy is exploring the options to produce corporate collar pins and ties with the Academy logo which could be presented as a corporate gift for Fellows, donors and visitors.