3rd Annual General Meeting

The Academy of Engineering, Singapore held its third Annual General Meeting (AGM) in September 2013, at the Shaw Foundation Alumni House, National University of Singapore.

During the AGM, the President proposed a re-election of the Executive Committee (ExCo). The new ExCo has two new members on board and two members re-elected to new roles.

The Secretary gave an update on the progress of the three projects initiated by the Academy. As part of the strategic plan, the Academy sought to engage in projects to promote engineering and energy sustainability, individual project groups have since developed two papers addressing these issues, one of which has been tabled to the Academy for consultation.

The Secretary reported that the Academy’s fellowship currently stands at 79 strong with the election of 6 new Fellows in 2013.

The President announced plans to produce a bi-annual publication to raise greater awareness of the Academy’s activities.

The Executive Committee thanked Fellows for their attendance and support at the AGM.